Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Children's book online. Lucca ans Sam in the Zoo.

Part of the LUCCA-project:
Children's Books Online
Coloring Books Online
Children's Books and Coloring Books to download and print (see the upper line of online book)Children's Books Online as slide shows
Mini-posters of main characters to download and print
Mini-poster of the whole Lucca Universe
T-shirt transfer motifs to download and print

for Lucca, Laura and the world's kids

See slide show.

We had been blogging trying to find how our world sees kelly blue book. It has been a lifeline for us. Your site provides some of the best examples of this sort and we will bookmark yours. Another one we found was and appears to be related to yours is kelly blue book site/blog. It pretty much covers kelly blue book related stuff.
Thank you for the informative blog
Here Is some additional Children's Book resources for
Children's Books if you or your readers are interested
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